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On behalf of North 24 Pagranas Dist Police I welcome you to our Official Website.Ensuring Safety of the district and its Citizens is the prime concern for all of us working in North 24 Pagranas Disttrict Police. We seek active participation of community for achieving it. Join us to make North 24 Pagranas a safe District so that all of us can reach our full potentials.

Thanks for the overwhelming response given to our website. This new channel of communication between the Police and members of the society has established new bonds between us. Read More

Welcome to North 24 Parganas District Police

North 24-Parganas derives its name from the number of Parganas or revenue district ceded to the British East India Company in 1757 by the Nawab of Bengal. North 24-Parganas had emerged as a separated district on the 1st. day of March 1986, bifurcating the erstwhile 24-Parganas District. It lies between 22° 11'6" and 23°1'2" North latitude and between 88°22' & 89°5' East of Longitudes. This bounded by Nadia District and Bangladesh in the North; South 24-Parganas in the South; Howrah and Hooghly in the West; and Bangladesh in the East. North 24 Parganas is West Bengal's most populous district and (following the splitting of the Thane district of Maharashtra in 2014) the most populated district in the whole of India. The Police District covers area of 2740.36 SQ. KM. The census of 2001 records a total Population of 62,28,935(approx.) persons of which 51.92 percent are males and 48.08 percent are females. Of the total population, the percentage of schedule caste, schedule tribe, literates, workers and urbanites are 20.59; 2.22; 78.1; 33.4 and 54.30 respectively. The district incorporates 3 sub-divisions, 10 number of municipality 20 community development blocks and 25 police stations. The panchayet set up comprises of 1 Zilla Parisad, 22 Panchayet Samities and 183 Gram Panchayets. There are 61 towns of different categories. Barasat town is the district headquarters.

BARASAT SADAR SUBDIVISION consists of six municipalities (Barasat, Habra, Rajarhat Gopalpur, Ashoknagar Kalyangarh, Madhyamgram and Gobardanga) and seven community development blocks: Barasat–I, Barasat–II, Amdanga, Deganga, Habra–I, Habra–II and Rajarhat.
BONGAON SUBDIVISION consists of Bangaon municipality and three community development blocks: Bagda, Bangaon and Gaighata.
BASIRHAT SUBDIVISION consists of three municipalities (Basirhat, Baduria and Taki) and ten replica watches community development blocks: Baduria, Basirhat–I, Basirhat–II, Haroa, Hasnabad, Hingalganj, Minakhan, Sandeshkhali–I and Sandeshkhali–II and Swarupnagar.

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